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Busy Doctor Discovers Key To Success

When he isn’t saving lives or working out, Matt is the inspiration to his wife and young family. 

While others are sleeping, busy Matt makes time to train at S&P:

“Training at 6am has become a habit & it’s easier to create a new habit when you surround yourself with people that want the same thing. The biggest thing S&P has given me is consistency and structure… Oh and abs too.”

For busy people like Matt, where there aren’t enough hours in the day, Consistency and Structure (not abs) are KEY in getting the best results. 

When training alone, you can have the best intentions of packing your gear and hitting the gym after work. But, as easy as that sounds, it’s just as easy for your mind to win the brief battle that takes place at 5pm – ‘to train or not to train’…

However, when you have a supportive ‘Family’ of coaches and S&P members waiting for you, it becomes a little bit harder to ‘skip’ the gym.

The best thing?…it takes as little as 3 hours per week to get incredible results!

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