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Confessions Of A Stockport Mum…

“I hadn’t done that much exercise and wasn’t sure if I could do it.” 

Clare had played tennis for a bit, she’d always run, but she never got back to the way that she looked before kids. She didn’t feel herself either. She was always looking around for some fitness thing that would suit her.

That was when the stars aligned and Clare found S&P through a Facebook ad 4 years ago. 

“Time is definitely a challenge for me. I have 3 children and a husband, I work full time and I’m studying a course alongside that. All of these areas require my time, but you have to prioritise. Sometimes I don’t get it right, but it’s all about learning to juggle those priorities. If you want to do something, you can make it work.”

“I’d hate people to think that I’m not enjoying life and sitting eating boring food to get where I am today because that isn’t the case. I want to teach my children that everything is ok in moderation and be the one setting the right example.” 

If Clare’s story has inspired you and you want to learn more, visit

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