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How Derek Fought Depression & is now a Happy Expectant Father

“Last year was the lowest I have ever been in my life with depression, I was let down with the support of the mental health team, so I had to pay for a private counsellor. It helped in some ways but I knew I still had a fight on my hands mentally and physically”

His relationship with his girlfriend was at an all time low and Derek’s depression was getting more out of control

“Just before Christmas I was sitting in her bedroom crying saying how much I didn’t want to be here and felt like I had nothing else! I know it was selfish but you can’t control your feelings.”

Thankfully, Dany, Derek’s girlfriend hadn’t given up on him and suggested that he joined S&P. Believing it to be a chance to battle and beat his depression, Derek had nothing to lose and decided to give it a go.

“Walking through the door for the first time I was so scared, my confidence level was 0 but I had a good welcome from the coaches and the members. The first session shocked me on how hard it was and I’m not going to lie when I finished the first session, I was lying on the floor for 5 minutes until I started to feel normal again.”

After such a humbling first session experience Derek believed it to be a new beginning for the new life he wanted to lead.

“I thought to myself, do I really want to do this? and once I got home, I decided that this is what I had wanted, a fresh start with something I can stick to and achieve.”

People started talking to me, shaking my hand and telling me their stories and then it hit me, I wasn’t alone anymore. I got stronger mentally and physically. People would comment on how much weight I was losing and I felt really great.”

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